How To Have A Positive Attitude Towards Everything

6 Ways to rewire your brain and unlock the secrets to happiness

Having a positive attitude is transformative, why do I say that? Because our perception shapes our actions and when you start thinking optimistically, your mind becomes clear of any negative thoughts and you will see the world in a new light. You will stop blaming yourself or others. You will be in total control of your emotions and try to seek a valuable lesson in every setback.

One of the things is to remove negativities or anything that can trigger. Social Media can be a big source. After all, it’s a place where advertisements concentrate.

1.Carry An Attitude of Happiness With You.

Try not to rely on external validation or support to make you feel happy because it will never be enough. Instead of waiting for external things to make you happy, be happy and then watch how that influences the things that go on around you. Happiness is an attitude, not a situation.

2. Relish Small Pleasures.

Big pleasures don’t come easy. If you’re constantly looking for reasons to celebrate, you will miss out on little milestones along the way. It feels like we are always chasing something, a new car, a bigger house, but once we get things, we tend to take our success for granted- and we forget that what we have now was once all that we wished for. Having a goal like that can motivate us, but does it make us happy? Not necessarily. Life is made up of tiny victories and simple pleasures. With the right mental attitude, watching the sunset, eating an ice cream cone, and walking barefoot on the grass are all you need to be filled with joy. The secret lies in being thankful.

3. Be Proactive

A reactive person allows others and external events to determine how they will feel. A proactive person decides how they will feel regardless of what may be going on around them. Be proactive by choosing your attitude and maintaining it throughout the day, regardless of what the day may bring.

4. Change Your Thoughts

Easier said than done, but like with everything, practising positivity can make this easier over time. It is often much easier to notice flaws, but learning to see the good in things can make you more approachable and hopeful. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is an important trait to help motivate yourself and others around you.

5. Declutter

Less is more. People often tell us to cut out the negativity and ask ourselves if things we own “spark joy”. Similarly, it is important to surround yourself with people that “spark joy”. Does a particular person on social media irk you? Do you feel yourself becoming increasingly bitter because of it? Well, it is probably time to unfollow, unfriend and surround yourself with people that inspire and encourage you.

6. Take Responsibility

Now, this is the one that is truly a gamechanger. How many times have you fallen prey to your emotions? Think about the last time you received some negative feedback on something you worked hard for and as a result felt dejected, causing you to want to give up. At any moment your attitude can be that of a victim or of a creator. The first step you need to take to shift from victim-mode to creator-mode is to take responsibility. Here’s the attitude of a creator:

I create my life.

I am responsible for myself.

I’m in charge of my destiny.

Understanding that you create your life and at the same time learning how to accept thing you cannot change will help you cultivate an attitude that will help you achieve happiness.



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