How To Build Your Network

William Tan
3 min readApr 2, 2021

Working towards success by connecting with others

Building a strong network is essential when it comes to business and client management. It is often who you know, not what you know. Being able to build a strong network may come naturally to many, but for those who are not skilled in this area of expertise, how do you build a strong network? There are many ways to do so but here are 5 tips to help you get started!

1. Giving before Receiving

In a networking situation, people tend to expect that you want their help with something. But if you could turn the situation around, offer to help with something they need instead. They may feel that they are able to benefit from the relationship as well and feel compelled to return you the favour. Offering them your services can often help your own development as well.

2. Become a Connector

Introducing other people to each other can help you build your rapport with the members of your network. They can then benefit from each other, keeping in mind that you were the one who connected them. This way, you can stay in the thoughts of people even when they are not directly working with you.

3. Remember to keep in touch

People who send you random messages out of the blue tend to make you feel like they want something, and you tend to feel that they are insincere. It is pivotal that you keep in contact and reconnect with the people you have chosen to network with. This allows you to have long-lasting connections and possibly even forge great friendships.

4. Leave a lasting impression

It is important to be unforgettable because we meet so many people every day and there must be something about you that stands out. Some suggestions to do so are:

  • Make a very unique business card
  • Look for any opportunity to make yourself relatable to others
  • Shine in the element you thrive in

5. Take Social Media Seriously

It is not news that social media is a great way to kickstart your networking, and form connections. Using social media can help you gain a better reach within a shorter period of time. Some tips and tricks to achieve the best results are:

  • Use a professional picture of yourself. It is important for people to see you as ‘legitimate’ and no matter how excellent your profile is, your picture is the first point of judgement.
  • Have an interesting summary or biography. When people read your summary, it is always great when you make them feel like you are different and can offer valuable insight. This will make them feel more compelled to form a connection with you.
  • Complete your profile with all your experiences. You may place more emphasis on things that you find to be of greater value and that will make you stand out to potential connections or even employers.

Ultimately, Social Media is very powerful and can bring in many valuable connections that will enhance your network if you use it right.

As said by Richard Branson, “Succeeding in Business is all about making connections.” One must build meaningful relationships with others to take one to greater heights.



William Tan

specialist in Leadership & Management development.